Easy Assembly

Fits to any standard door


What Can You Achieve with the Ab Master?

With the Ab Master, you can tighten and maintain your abdominals with ease - anywhere you go!

About the Inventor Robert Thompson

My name is Robert Thompson, and I am the inventor of The Ab Master. 

I wanted to make a device that was simple and convenient for people to exercise during sit-ups. The Ab Master is constructed of three parts, is attached by two clips, and is very easy to assemble and disassemble. It slips under any regular door. It's easy to take anywhere. The Ab Master is unlike any other sit-up apparatus. I was using a device called The Ab Roller at the time. However, the springs would break over a certain period of time, and would end up hitting me in my sides whenever they popped out. The idea had come to me when I had realized that I had an over the door pull-up exerciser and I thought to myself 'Why not make an under the door exerciser?'.


Working on my abs got easy!

"I am amazed at how much easier doing sit-ups is with the Ab Master. The Ab Master is a must for Ab enthusiasts!"

-Mary Janison