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No more stopping to thread your bobbins, or rethread sewing machines

Easily thread two bobbins at once with an auto shut-off upon completion

Removable discs to stabilize the machine as it threads the bobbins

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How can the Double Bobbin Winder Help You?

Unique Features

 Threading bobbins for sewing projects can be a frustrating, cumbersome, and time-consuming process. People often have to stop a sewing project when the bobbin runs out. Even then, they are only be able to thread a single bobbin at a time. 

The Double Bobbin Winder is a convenient unit that ensures that bobbins can be efficiently wound before a project has begun or wound during a sewing project without disrupting the fabric or needle.  

This unit is configured to wind two bobbins of thread simultaneously. It is self-contained and consists of two motorized winders housed in a rectangular-shaped, durable plastic casing. The unit is approximately 5” in height, 11” in width, and 5” in depth. The two internal motors operate on conventional 110 volt power. Two spindles, positioned side-by-side on the top of the unit, are each designed to hold a spool of thread. The spindles feature a removable disc which is designed to stabilize the attached spools of thread when the machine is in use.  

Benefits all sewing machines users Eliminates the need to stop a sewing project when the bobbin runs out Two bobbins can be wound at once, without having to rethread the machine or hand wind the bobbins Wind two colors at once to accommodate multi-colored fabrics and projects Prevent wear and tear to sewing machine, saving time and money A lightweight, portable device which can be used virtually anywhere Easy to operate and easy to store

About the Inventor Pamela Ruff

Those who sew professionally as well as hobbyists all know the importance of having equipment and supplies handy and in good working order. It is troublesome and time-consuming to have to stop in the middle of a sewing project when the bobbin runs out. The person sewing must stop and prepare a new bobbin by winding it by hand or continuously removing and re-threading the bobbin in the actual machine. Being a creative problem solvers who dislikes having to stop projects to rewind bobbins, Pamela Ruff has developed a new product to wind bobbins so sewing projects will not be interrupted.  

Ms. Ruff has teamed with Project Developer, Donna Mendes-Rose and together they have used their collaborative experience to transform this idea into a marketable platform. The inventor passionately feels a sense of pride about this concept and believes that it deserves immediate attention. Because of the great market that exists for such a concept, she wholeheartedly believes in the positive impact its development and production will have on individuals and the market(s) to which it will be promoted.  

Project Developer: D. L. Mendes-Rose  


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"The Double Bobble Winder took the hassle out of sewing for me! 

Staci Harper